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We help clients in a variety of diverse roles and healthcare segments improve performance, comply with complex regulations, reduce costs, leverage technology and stimulate growth. Our team has various experience with de novo projects, acquisitions and established healthcare providers. 


Focusing on strategy, finance, operations and compliance, we help clients improve performance, comply with complex regulations and reduce costs—delivering measurable, sustainable results.

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Medicare SNF transparency data (CY 2013)

On March 9, CMS released a new dataset, the Skilled Nursing Facility Utilization and Payment Public Use File (SNF PUF). This data details information on services provided to Medicare beneficiaries by SNFs. CMS has noted that that in these groups, the amount of therapy provided to patients frequently comes very close to the minimum thresholds needed to qualify patients for higher reimbursement. Texas, Arkansas, Mississippi, and Indiana stood out from other states as having patterns of patients qualifying for the higher payment threshold based on amounts within 10 minutes of the minimum.  







Appeals court ruling requires government to act on ALJ Backlog.

The government will have to comply with its congressionally mandated deadlines for reviewing claims at the Administrative Law Judge (ALJ) level after a federal appeals court this week reversed a lower court’s dismissal of a lawsuit brought by hospitals.



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